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Early Years Assessment


In Reception we baseline the children on entry in September across all EYFS curriculum areas.  We also complete the Government statutory Reception baseline assessments.


The children’s developmental bands are assessed and formally recorded on our school Tracker in October, February and June.


The EYFS profile is an inclusive assessment. Assessment is ongoing, capturing a wide range of children’s learning and development outcomes. Staff use ‘Tapestry’, an on-line learning journey to assess the children’s progress throughout the year. Parents also contribute to the development of their child in the home setting.



Reading - x2 individual reads recorded, x 1 guided read, recorded.

Writing - September, December, February, April, May, July – piece of writing in red books.

Phonics - October, December, February, May – assessed against letters and sounds.

Maths - September, December, February, June – activities to assess number development

Speaking & Listening - a story retell in September, February, June.


End of year EYFS judgement; children are assessed as emerging or expected across all EYFS areas of learning.


Staff report to parents about their child’s ‘Characteristics of effective learning’ and appropriate next steps.


The above information is also shared with Year 1 staff, so that the children have a seamless transition into Year 1.

Year 1 and Year 2 Assessment


In Year 1 and Year 2 there are 3 formal assessment weeks in October, February and at the end of the year when all children are assessed against the National Standards. In addition to this the children’s progress is assessed termly.


Maths – ongoing in lessons and

  • Year 1 – assessed at the end of each block.

  • Year 2 – assessment at the end of each block and SATs at the end of the year.


Writing – ongoing in lessons

  • Year 1 – One guided and one unaided piece of writing for red books each term, marked against the standards and moderated across classes.

  • Year 2 – Two unaided pieces of writing for red books each term, marked against the standards and moderated across classes.


Reading – ongoing in individual reading and guided reading sessions. Recorded weekly and on school/class tracker x 3 per year.

  • Year 1 – Phonic assessments – September baseline, December, February, May and tested in June.

  • Year 2 – Previous Year 1 failures assessed September, January and retested in June.


Foundation Subjects – assessed at the end of each block. Children are recorded as emerging, expected or exceeding on the assessment sheet which is then passed to Co-ordinator.


Science – assessed termly with assessment activity/sheet.  Recorded as emerging, expected or exceeding.