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 Welcome to The Terrific Tigers!

Hello from Mrs Palmer.

Welcome to your class page.
Here you can find out about some of the exciting things that we will be doing this term.
You will also find a list of books that we will be reading and sharing in school.


Autumn 1


Week 1 and 2



We will be making lots of new friends and becoming familiar with the routines in our new Reception classes.   We will paint our faces, make our class animal and play games to see what we know about numbers, shapes, sounds etc. 


Week 3


Owl Babies

We will enjoy the story, act it out and make patterns on owl shapes.  In mathematics we are sorting objects by colour and size.  In the afternoons, we’ll have fun painting owls and talking about growing up from a baby to an adult.  


Week 4


Kipper’s Toy Box

Why does Kipper keep losing all of his toys?  We’ll continue to learn a new sound everyday and play lots of phonics games.  In mathematics we’ll name and print flat shapes.  We’ll also do an observational drawing of Kipper or one of his toys and please remember to bring a sock into school to make a sock puppet!


Week 5



Our class animal is turning 5 so we are preparing to celebrate his/her birthday on Friday.  We’ll make party invitations, count candles on cakes, make birthday cards, make jelly and have a party!


Week 6, 7 and 8



We’ll enjoy the stories Oliver’s Vegetables and The Scarecrow Who Didn’t Scare.  In mathematics we’ll be recognising numbers and counting.  In the afternoons, we’ll be practising singing our songs ready for Harvest Festival.  We’ll also make pumpkins, draw signs of Autumn and make scarecrows.



Autumn 2

Week 1 

The Gingerbread Man

We are enjoying the story, acting it out and making a list of the characters.  In mathematics we are weighing shopping and learning about longer and shorter.  We will also design our own Gingerbread men and bake them.  Let’s hope they don’t run away! 

Week 2

  Nursery Rhymes

We will sing lots of nursery rhymes and make up our own rhyming sentences.  In Mathematics we are using our numicon shapes to find the biggest and smallest numbers.  In the afternoons we will make clay spiders, spider finger puppets and Humpty Dumpty.  


Week 3 and Week 4


In literacy we are writing about Elmer’s colours.  In mathematics we are ordering numbers.  In the afternoons, we will go on a colour hunt and make a large collage of Elmer the elephant.

Week 5, 6 and 7


In literacy, we will be writing our own nativity story book.  We’ll have lots of number and shape Christmas fun!  We’ll also be busy singing songs for our Christmas performance, making Christmas decorations and getting ready for our class parties. 




Digital Classroom
Image result for iPad

We will use our digital classroom to explore and play with the Bee Bots, remote control cars, talking tins, microphones, phones, iPads etc.

We'll play some problem solving games on the Espresso computer site.