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Welcome to The Terrific Tigers

Hello from Mrs Worthington.

Welcome to your class page.
Here you can find out about some of the excting things that you will be doing this term.
You will also find a list of books you will be reading and sharing in school.


Week 1 and 2 -

Getting to know you!

Finding our way around our school and learning about the school and finding out
about the school day.
Learning about the school and class rules.
Making new friends and having fun.

Week 3 -
We will be finding out who has had a birthday and how old they are. We will talk about birthday parties and who has had a birthday party. The children might even like to bring a photograph of their birthday party or one of their birthday cards to show their friends.
Someone special in our class will have a birthday and we will write party invitations, make them a birthday card, a birthday badge and even have a class party with party hats and jelly. I wonder who it will be that has their Birthday?

Week 4 -
We will be enjoying the story of Owl Babies this week. We will think about when we were babies and how we have grown and changed and order some pictures to show how we grow and change. The children are asked to bring in a photo of themselves as a baby and a toy that they played with when they were a baby.
We will be making a rattle for a baby and sorting objects that babies use and talking about them. We will be making owl baby prints using a carrot and an apple.

Week 5 -


We will talk about how toys have changed from when our grown ups were children to now. We will look at toys from the past and play with them. We will make Kipper finger puppets and draw Kipper's Toys from the Toy Box story.

Week 6 -


We will look closely at real sunflower heads using a magnifying glass and name the parts. We will paint pictures of sunflowers and use the seeds from the flower heads to make pictures in a dough tile.
We will talk about how a sunflower grows and how it changes as it grows.

Week 7 and 8 -

Autumn and Harvest Time

We will walk around our school looking for signs that Autumn is here. We will talk about the changes we can see and what some animals do at this time of year.
We will collect leaves and conkers for our Investigation table and make collages and pictures with them.
We will make scarecrows and hedgehogs for our class displays.
We will be busy learning lots of songs for our Harvest Assembly which our grown-ups are invited to attend.