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Personal, Social and Emotional Development.

Nursery will be helping the children to settle into Nursery routines, beginning to establish friendships by cooperative play and responding to adults during the day.

Physical Development

We will be focusing on putting on and fastening our coats, feeding ourselves at snack and lunch time and developing our fine motor skills with Finger Gym activities.

Communication and Language

We will be listening to traditional stories and recalling key events and characters from them, following simple instructions when working in a small group and talking about our own experiences when making porridge and Gingerbread Men.


We will be singing lots of number songs, counting leaves, bowls and pigs, talking about shapes when making pumpkin faces and rockets and playing number games.


We will be joining in with a range of mark making activities which will help us to talk about the marks that we make and we will be joining in with key phrases from Goldilocks, The Gingerbread Man, Red Riding Hood and other stories leading up to Christmas.

Understanding the World

We will be role playing different events that we see at home and in our community, looking at the changes in the Nursery garden and exploring Autumn and introduce ourselves to the different resources available in the Digital Corner.

Expressive Art and Design

We will be exploring colours and how they can be changed, talking about texture and sounds made by different resources, exploring the musical instruments and how to make them loud and quiet for fireworks and using lots of construction to make models.