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Welcome to Nursery!

A big hello from Mrs Hall

A new school year has begun and Mrs Jones and I
are really enjoying getting to know all of you
and listening to your wonderful stories.
We are focusing over the next few weeks
on getting you all comfortable and
happy with the rhythm and rules
of Nursery, and so far you have all shown
that you want to come and play,
find new friends and explore
all of the exciting objects that we have.
Well done!

We are thinking about Traditional Tales
and Autumn this term.
We will be reading, acting out and being creative with
the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears,
Little Red riding Hood and
The Gingerbread Man.

Then we will start to explore the colours, sounds,
smells and textures of Autumn by
going on an Autumn walk around school.
We will be learning lots of new songs, painting lots
of pictures and collaging Autumn shapes,
and crunching dry leaves under our feet.

What an exciting time we are going to have, keep checking the page to see pictures of our adventures and feel free to ask about how you can help make this a happy and creative time.