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It's Spring Term 4 and we've got lots of
exciting things to do.


Our English theme to start the term is ' Stories from other Cultures'.
We are going to read the book We all went on Safari  and do lots of Talk for Writing  around this wonderful book.
        We are all becoming authors and making up our own stories with story trays, story maps and story books.
Please look at our photos on Twitter to see what we have been doing!

After that ……the dinosaurs are coming ! We will be finding out lots of facts about dinosaurs and writing questions for our friends to answer …..complete with question marks !


In Maths we will first of all be learning more about addition and subtraction. Then we will move onto place value with numbers up to 50 and finally we will be measuring dinosaurs !

                  In Geography, we are looking at the United Kingdom,     
what it looks like, the names of the countries in it and places we have visited on holidays.                   

With Mrs Lerigo we will be listening to African music ,  exploring African instruments and creating African silhouette sunsets and African patterned art work.



In PE with Mr Holland we will be learning a special African dance called the Capoeira.