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Charlie Cook's Favourite Book - Enrichment Week

We started the week  by  reading Charlie Cooks Favourite Book. Then we all brought our favourite book into school to share with the class. We wrote about where we would like to read our favourite book, it could be a real or imaginary place. We had lots of lovely ideas ranging from 'snuggled up in bed with mum' to 'sitting on a fluffy cloud in the sky!'
Mrs Russell wrote a rhyming story about our favourite books and where we would like to read them. The children helped to illustrate it and now it is a firm favourite in our own book corner!
The rest of the weeks activities were based around a page from the book where birds make different nests for a competition that is judged by an owl. We made owl pictures, created individual nests with various collage materials and made chocolate bird nest crunchies complete with eggs!
We also recreated 'our page' from the book onto a large canvas - this was a whole class effort.