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Before Buzz Lightyear! - Old and New Toys.

The first thing we did was sing one of Mrs Yorke's favourite songs - The Marvellous Toy - and then we had a look at some old and new toys and baby things that belonged to different people in Mrs Yorke's family. We made a timeline with them.
Our next lesson was learning all about old toys. First we learnt about the history of toys and what people played with thousands of years ago - 5 stones!
After that we had a carousel of activities where we played with and talked about 2 brand new toys  and 2 older toys that Mrs Yorke played with when she was a girl.
to finish off we chose pictures of old toys to cut out and label in our topic books. What a busy afternoon we had learning all about old and new toys!
The next afternoon we had lots of different old toys to look at, play with and talkabout. On one table we had wooden toys, another we had dolls and teddies, another we had board games and jigsaws and lastly we had outdoor games on the carpet. Mrs Yorke took lots of photos !
We also made our own hobby horses and had a hobby horse parade and gymkhana! Thank goodness it wasn't raining!