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A Bigger Picture by Mrs Yorke and Mrs Hall's Monkey Class.

First we read the Charlie Cook book and chose our favourite page.
Then we looked at Mrs Yorke's favourite book which she bought from the David Hockney exhibition in London and also some powerpoint presentations about his work.
Next we went outside , hugged (!!!) lots of trees, did bark rubbings and looked for signs of Spring.
In the afternoon we had a drawing lesson where we learnt how to draw trees through the seasons. We then went outside and drew our own pictures .
On Wednesday we were aiming to make our Bigger picture.
First we assembled the canvases, studied David Hockney's four ' Thixendale Trees' paintings looking closely at the colours he had used and then in our teams painted the backgrounds.
In the afternoon we worked both inside and outside in our teams to make our own team pictures -  Spring( Callum, Lucas, Oliver, Angelo, Hannah, Grace and Nickolas), Summer ( Kerris, Olivia, Scarlet, Mai, Keira, Dylan and Freya), Autumn (Kaci, Emma, Lucy, Kaylan, Isabella, Thomas and Regan) and Winter (Matthew, Elliot, Ben, Taegan, Joe, Kevin and Jayden).
On Thursday morning we came in to see that Mrs Yorke had arranged our own Bigger picture. It looked fantastic! We then finished off by putting all our Art work into our own Bigger Picture book.