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Term 6 - Here comes Summer

The final term is upon us and is going to be a busy one.

We will be visiting the Lion, Tiger and Elephant classrooms
for snack time, meeting the staff and looking
around the rooms.

We will continue to have playtime on the big playground
and the Trim Trail to help gain confidence on
the larger play equipment.

We will have our final school trip to Twycross Zoo, talking
about what we might see, then writing and illustrating our own
Dear Zoo book.

We will be reading the rhyming story of There was an old
lady who swallowed a fly, talk about what animals the old lady's husband
might swallow, paint a picture of an animal, order
the animals from biggest to smallest hen put them in the old mans tummy!
What rhymes with donkey?!

We will get a surprise letter from a familiar character that will
ask for our help, she ate Baby Bears porridge and
has decided to say sorry for all the trouble.
What should we do to help, what could we make?

Sport's Day will be next, be prepared, we always have
a race for the supporters!

Then comes the mixture of sadness and joy, sadness of not being
their teacher anymore but the joy of seeing
wonderful, independent, engaging and funny children bounding
off to new adventures in Reception class.

Thank you for being so supportive and encouraging
this year, the children have been amazing and
so have you.

Mrs Hall and Mrs Jones