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Plant a little seed …..then Yo-ho-ho shipmates! 




Pirates off the Starboard bow!    
Be prepared shipmates for map making, letters-in-a-bottle and telling swashbuckling stories as we step aboard a pirate adventure.

In Science, we will be learning about what plants need to grow and doing an experiment to find out if cress will grow without water.
What do you think will happen?
We will also be learning the names of common flowers and planting flowers in Megan’s garden.



In Maths we will be learning about multiplication and division.



In ICT we will continue to use the apps we have been learning about this term and do some more digital imagery.


IN RE we will be learning all about Christenings and visiting the church to have a pretend christening.


In PE we will be doing games and athletics hopefully outside with Mr Holland.

Hopefully we will get some lovely sunshine over the next few weeks and have our outside learning area open to explore, keep your fingers crossed!