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Hello from Mrs Pooley

Welcome to your class page.
Here you can find out about some of the exciting things that we will be doing this term.
You will also find a list of books that we will be reading and sharing in school.



 Summer 6

Week 1


The Farm
Welcome back to our Summer term. We will be getting ready for our visit to the Adventure Farm on Thursday. We will be fact finding about animals e.g. farm animals and their young, what the animals give us, how the farmer looks after the animals etc. In mathematics we are playing games to see what we know about shapes and numbers. In the afternoons, we are weaving sheep, painting cows, taking turns on the balance bikes etc.


Week 2

The Farm
We hope you enjoyed our visit to the Adventure Farm. This week we'll have fun writing about our visit, painting pictures of the animals we saw and making a talking book about our day out. In mathematics, we are playing games to find out what we know about shapes and numbers.


Week 3


In literacy we are writing facts about different types of transport. In mathematics we are learning about ordering 2 or 3 numbers from the smallest to the largest. In the afternoons, we will talk about and label different types of transport and we will make hot air balloons.


Week 4

Arts Week


Image result for childrens drawing


More information to follow!


Week 5 and Week 6


Image result for cartoon under the sea

Billy's Bucket

We will read the story and make up our own bucket adventures.  We will also make a list of jobs that we could use a bucket for.  In mathematics we will be learning about capacity and using positional language.  In the afternoons, we'll learn about and make different sea creatures.  We'll be thinking about our holidays and will also make ice-creams and flip flops.


Week 7
Image result for cartoon children playing

Moving On
How exciting, after the big six week holiday we will be in Year One!  We will meet our new teacher and spend time in our new classroom.  We will write about ourselves, so our new teacher knows what we are good at, like etc.  We'll also make a picture of ourselves.

Digital Classroom 

Image result for bee botsImage result for remote control carsImage result for iPad

Digital Classroom 

We will explore and play with the Bee Bots, remote control cars, talking tins, microphones, phones, iPads etc. in our Digital classroom.

We'll be making talking books.