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Hello from Mrs Pooley

Welcome to your class page.
Here you can find out about some of the exciting things that we will be doing this term.
You will also find a list of books that we will be reading and sharing in school.

Spring 3

Week 1 Winter
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We will watch video clips on espresso and read fact books to find out about Winter. In numeracy we are learning about solid shapes and taller and shorter. In the afternoons we'll have fun learning about Winter; painting robins, making snowflakes and recording signs of Winter.


Week 2 The Snowman
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We will enjoy 'The Snowman' story by Raymond Briggs and label a snowman. In numeracy we are learning about finding one more. In the afternoons we'll have fun learning about Winter; playing with snow, making our faces on the computer and dressing ourselves ready for Winter etc.


Week 3 Polar Explorers
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We are going to be Polar Explorers and write facts about animals that live in cold places. In numeracy we'll be learning about solid shapes. In the afternoons we'll play with ice and make penguins and polar bears.

Week 4
Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What do you see?

Image result for brown bear brown bear

We will use our imaginations to make our own Brown Bear stories. In numeracy we’ll be adding. In the afternoon we’ll learn about our senses of sight and touch. We’ll talk about our eye colour and make a chart of our classes eye colour in computer work. We’ll also experience and describe the texture of different things e.g. cooked spaghetti!


Week 5 Kitchen Disco

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In literacy, we’ll enjoy the kitchen Disco story and write facts about different fruit. In numeracy we’ll continue adding. We’ll be learning about our sense of taste. We’ll taste and talk about our favourite fruits.


Week 6 Peace At Last

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Oh dear Mr Bear cannot get to sleep. We will write about why he can’t get to sleep. In numeracy we’ll be taking away. We’ll be learning about our sense of hearing. I wonder what sounds we’ll hear on a listening walk and who will be able to match the sounds on a sound lotto game?


Week 7 Facts about The Senses

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We will recap what we now know about our five senses. In numeracy we’ll continue taking away. We’ll play guessing games to touch objects, listen to sounds and smell things e.g. coffee, washing up liquid etc.



Digital Classroom 

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Digital Classroom 

We will explore and play with the Bee Bots, remote control cars, talking tins, microphones, phones, iPads etc. in our Digital classroom.

We'll be using the Ipads to draw pictures and play simple educational games.