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 Hello from Mrs Shakespeare and Mrs Statham. 



Welcome to your class page.
Here you can find out about some of the exciting things that we will be doing this term.
You will also find a list of books that we will be reading and sharing in school.


Spring 4

Week 1 The Three Little Pigs


We are retelling and writing about the Three Little Pigs story.  In numeracy we are ordering numbers. In the afternoons we'll have fun making clay pigs, making pig and wolf masks and sorting pictures into the correct rooms of a house.


Week 2 The Gruffalo


We will enjoy 'The Gruffalo'  story by Julia Donaldson and label a Gruffalo. In numeracy we are counting in tens. In the afternoons we'll have fun collaging a large Gruffalo and making Gruffalos out of paper bags.


Week 3 Spring


We will watch video clips and read books to write our own facts about Spring.  In numeracy we are adding. In the afternoons we'll go on a Spring walk to find signs of Spring, we'll also paint Spring lamb and chick pictures.

Week 4 Easter



We will learn about the Easter story and make our own Easter story books. In numeracy we’ll be taking away. In the afternoon we’ll make Easter cards and bake chocolate nest cakes!


Digital Classroom 

Image result for bee botsImage result for remote control carsImage result for iPad

Digital Classroom 

We will explore and play with the Bee Bots, remote control cars, talking tins, microphones, phones, iPads etc. in our Digital classroom.

We'll be using CT Studio to type our names and other familiar words.